Veteran Help Request in Steiner Ranch

Post 76, I want to share another story with you about how we are providing a hand up – and if you are in Steiner Ranch you may be able to help more. 
Post 9/11 Air Force Veteran CP reached out to the Post after a series of family emergencies (including emergency brain tumor surgery for her husband, foot surgery for her daughter and needing to care for an elderly parent) drained their savings and required her to take time off without pay, and had them struggling. The Post assisted with catching up on some past due bills, got a creditor to waive some late fees, and other groups such as Texas Centerpoint helped out as well.  Her request for Temporary Financial Assistance from American Legion HQ is still pending – but things are looking up. 
If you are in Steiner Ranch and are perhaps able to help out with watching an elementary school child after school for a few weeks please reach out to me and I will connect you with the Veteran to talk more. 
Even if you are not in Steiner Ranch, thank you for being part of Post 76.  Your membership in the Legion contributes both financially and to the strength of our reputation – which helps us bargain on behalf of our brothers and sisters.  
Legionnaire Brad, Post 76 Service Officer (  

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